Monday, 5 January 2015

Journalism 5 Jan 2015 (Justin and Rohan)

On 5 January 2015, Secondary 2 Service-learning Project - Hamper Making session.  The aim of this activity is to allow the youth to learn important values and life lessons, and grow more aware of the situation in the world and the needs around them. Service learning shall allow youth to discover means to engage the underprivileged and disadvantaged in Singapore and a be motivations to contribute to the society. By engaging in meaningful community service, we hope to learn the importance of giving back/contributing to society and fulfilling the elderly need and essential.
The secondary 2 students and teachers were gathered at the Multi Purpose Hall(MPH) for the Service-learning Project.
Everyone was buzzing with enthusiastic and were eager to get the activity started.
The Day started off as the teacher gave out instructions for the people in charge of sorting, counting and the decorating the food to be gathered at their respective locations for a brief discussion of the duties.
After the discussion, the students were dismissed into their respective jobs. The sorters begin to sort out the food into their different categories while the counters diligently counted the food separated by the sorters. Both worked in joint effort to get the job completed. The teamwork display by both of the roles was certainly impressive.  Meanwhile, the decoration team were engrossed in the decoration of the hamper base and the designing and writing the letter. Many drawings, pictures and wishes were added into the letters in order to make the letter alive and many different materials were added onto the hamper base by the decoration team. The attention put in by the designing team was incredible. Their effort and intention no doubt shall be recognised by the elderly.
After all the sorters and counter backbreaking work, their effort finally paid off. Their determination led them to complete their Roles within just an 1 hour. After what seem to be seconds, the teacher-in-charge finally declared that it was recess time that the students all had been waiting for.
At 10.35, the students were dismissed for their lunch break.
At 11.05, students lunch break was over and the students started assembling back at the Multi-purpose-hall to progress on their project.  

After the break, it was time for the packed food to be arranged nicely in the hamper. The counter and the sorter started-off by fetching the categories of food item to their respective classes to be arranged. With the counters and sorters available, they assisted and support the decoration team by giving favourable opinions and suggestion for improving the decorations and the letters. Every student has been assiduous in contributing to the project.

After all their tedious work making the hampers,  the students then placed their well wishing letters into an envelope(which was nicely decorated). The classes organised the items into the hamper base neatly and wrapped up the hampers. Topping it off with decorations. They finished it by pasting the envelopes onto the hampers. Each class then took a class photo with their hampers. They then ended of the day with a post service reflection.

After a tiring day of hamper making the students went home with a smile on their face knowing that every ounce of their effort was worth it, since they knew that this was all for a good cause.

Done By:Justin
Edited and certain lines Done By:Rohan


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